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Dutch and Indonesian singer-“soulwriter” KIA is an authentic artist based in Los Angeles whose soulful sound and memorable timbre is ready to be heard. Much like her own mixed heritage, her music is a blend of various genres; a base of neo-soul with a strong emphasis on pop and touches of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and R&B. KIA’s music has been described as “deep and hypnotic” (Buzz-Music LA), “…upper echelon of today’s soul wave.” (Xttrawave).

KIA has written and recorded for several productions like the soundtrack of Netflix’s animation movie “Fearless” (USA), G’Day production “Honoring Liam Hemsworth and Helen Reddy” & “Standing Together” (USA), series “The Madam$” (USA) and “The Walkers” (USA), movie “Help! I Shrunk My Friends” (Germany) and upcoming movie “Manifest” (USA). Last year she received the NAMM President’s Innovation Award as well as the Ultimate Music Awards for Best Single-Pop of the Year and Best Female Artist of the Year. She was a top finalist in the IMSTA Songwriting Competition, the UK Songwriting Competition, and the International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

KIA received her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance with honors from ArtEZ Jazz & Pop Conservatory in Arnhem (The Netherlands). She pursued an academic semester in Songwriting at the Cornel School of Contemporary Music (Los Angeles). Some of her previous mentors are: Izaline Calister, Michael Indart, Jessica Vautor, Carla Hasset, Abraham Laboriel, Paul de Castro and Oscar Hernandez. She recently received her Master’s Degree at the California State University in Los Angeles for Vocal Performance where she specialized in Commercial Music.