The Story

In my latest single, “Okay, Alright,” off of my upcoming EP, Retrospect, I delve into the end of a previous relationship and reflect on how it wasn’t good for me. As I explore my past, I turn feelings of loss, anger, confusion, and sadness into acceptance, ultimately allowing myself to be open and vulnerable in meeting new people again.

For this song, we used real recorded rain sounds during a storm in LA to set a mood, along with some video game sounds that transport me back to a moment in life where I felt smaller. There are subtle sound effects on the vocals that represent my deep, introspective thoughts.

This song was Co-written by Kristen Personius & Carmichael CastaƱos (who also produced this song), and the song is part of my upcoming EP “Retrospect”.

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Okay, Alright

Release Date : March 14, 2024
Format : Digital Download